Sterling silver & foiled glass earrings

Sterling silver and foiled glass earrings.

Designed and made by Anna Hamilton

"I love design and being creative. I love ideas and the fizz of them becoming reality, whether in precious metals, gemstones, paint, spaces or technology.

To me my whole life is creative – whether it’s painting, designing a piece of jewellery, building a house, designing/landscaping a garden, or designing/developing a website!

I am intrigued by people as much as being creative. I love how people interact, how they see the world. That’s why developing our current property gives me the best of all worlds –our guests in the accommodation, garden and property design, and my jewellery and art. All of this sums up the energy behind my work.

I can't remember a time I didn't make things (clothes, paintings, stringing beads) but it didn't register with me that I could really be creative for a career so I went into marketing - although that can be seen as a form of creating.  Over the last 15  years I have realised I can do what I love!"

The jewellery designs are inspired by the understanding that jewellery needs to work in  everyday life while adding a touch of sparkle.   There's a choice of what's on show in the gallery, or an individual piece can be designed and made.

Anna first started to learn metal smithing from master goldsmith and jeweller Dorthe Kristiensen in Wellington and attended the workshops for around eight years.