Porcelain Bowl

These stunning porcelain bowls and dishes from One Of A Kind Creations with colourful glazes are food and dishwasher friendly.  Lovely to compliment home decor or for serving dinner.

It was the combination of a leftover 10kg bag of porcelain, a rolling pin, a small dishwasher and the Christmas holidays that got Angela Francis started on these stunning porcelain plates. After Christmas dinner at her beach house, Angela’s husband noted  that none of their plates fitted in the little dishwasher so she began rolling out plates using a rolling pin on the tiny bench at the beach house embarking on what was to be a 1000- plate project.  Happily for us all, Angela has contued to make the plates, dishes and tumblers well after the first project.

The delicate, whisper-light appearance of the creations really catch your eye. Spring-flower pastel tones, bright colours, edges of gold and smudged marbling are beautiful.

You can see the hand of the artist, each is unique, all are handrolled and shaped using molds.  They look delicate but are touch enough for daily use and the dishwasher!